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Consultant Spotlight: Steve Forman, CPA, Managing Senior Consultant

Natalie S. Lesnick | April 2024

During his time with Strategic Management, Mr. Forman has assisted in the development and management of over 100 healthcare organizations, including serving as Designated Compliance Officer for hospitals and third-party providers, as well as Compliance Expert to the Board for organizations under Corporate Integrity Agreements. He has been a team leader in Independent Review Organization engagements. In his time with Strategic Management, he observed that the “quality and dedication of all the staff, top to bottom” stands out the most. Mr. Forman notes that “under the leadership of CEO, Richard Kusserow, Strategic Management was the first national compliance consulting firm focused exclusively on service to the healthcare sector; and continues to be an undisputed leader in healthcare compliance consulting.” In terms of his own career, he describes his time with Strategic Management as “transformational.” Mr. Forman notes that his time with the firm “has been especially rewarding given the people with whom I get to work.” During his tenure with the organization his “main objective has always been to make a positive difference in providing value for our clients.” Mr. Forman believes this has been the case with the dozens of clients with whom he has worked.

When asked what advice he had for those in the compliance space, Mr. Forman said, “I have come to understand that compliance is a relationship business. As a compliance officer you are asking people to come forward with potentially career-threatening issues and trust that these issues will be addressed in a fair and productive manner. So, it is critical that you remain objective, proceed carefully, and adhere to established policies and procedures in addressing such issues.”

Make sure to join Steve Forman at the Health Care Compliance Association’s Annual Compliance Institute from April 14-17 in Nashville, TN, where he is presenting “The Compliance Committee: From Just Another Meeting to a Vital Component of Your Compliance Program.”

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About the Author

Natalie Lesnick is a Consultant at Strategic Management Services, LLC. Ms. Lesnick has expertise in assessing provider compliance with the federal healthcare program rules and federal healthcare laws, including HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act.