Interim & Outsourced Compliance Staffing

Compliance departments are often faced with the challenge of addressing the operational needs of their compliance program with limited, or even inadequate, resources and staff. This makes it difficult to sufficiently address compliance risks and maintain effective program operations. Strategic Management provides critical support to Compliance Officers by offering compliance advisory services, serving as an outsourced Designated Compliance Officer or short-term Interim Compliance Officer, and providing compliance support services.

Interim Compliance Officer

An Interim Compliance Officer (ICO) is someone engaged temporarily engaged to assume the duties of the Compliance Officer for a limited period to avoid until a permanent party is hired for the role. The use of ICOs has increased in the last couple of years as result of labor disruption arising from the COVID Pandemic. 

Strategic Management provides Compliance Officer services through:

  • Interim Compliance Officer: temporarily staffing a highly-experienced compliance professional in a Compliance Officer role while the organization searches for a permanent candidate.
  • Designated Compliance Officer: engaging a highly-experienced consultant to serve as an external, or designated, Compliance Officer with responsibility for conducting compliance program operations.

Strategic Management consultants have practical experience and skills to continue day-to-day operations of the compliance program and to promptly act upon compliance issues.

Designated Compliance Officer

Engaging an outsourced Designated Compliance Officer to fill the Compliance Officer role is supported by the HHS OIG as a suitable solution for health care organizations. Our health care compliance consultants have experience and expertise to administer a compliance program on behalf of clients. Our outsourced Compliance Officers develop and integrate all compliance program elements, provide overall direction of the compliance program and present to the C-Suite, executives and the Board.

Compliance Support Staff

Strategic Management partners with your Compliance Officer to achieve compliance program objectives and efficiently and cost-effectively fill in the gaps of your internal compliance team. Our professional staff supports the overall objective of your compliance program, including conducting investigations, performing compliance training and developing policies and procedures.

Compliance Advisory Services

Strategic Management offers the services of our expert consultants to provide advice on your compliance program while you maintain internal control over the program. Strategic Management can also assess your program to establish appropriate staffing and structure and can assist in training and developing internal talent.