Interim & Outsourced Compliance Staffing

Compliance departments are often faced with the challenge of addressing the operational needs of their compliance program with limited, or even inadequate, resources and staff. This makes it difficult to sufficiently address compliance risks and maintain effective program operations. Strategic Management provides critical support to Compliance Officers by offering compliance advisory services, serving as an outsourced Designated Compliance Officer or short-term Interim Compliance Officer, and providing compliance support services.

Interim Compliance Officer

Interim Compliance Officers, by definition, refer to temporary employment where the working arrangement is limited in time based on the needs of the organization. It is common for addressing gaps that occur in compliance departments. Organizations can ill afford not having adequate resources and staff to carry out responsibilities. Strategic Management has a long history of providing temporary, highly experienced Interim Compliance Officers (ICO) and staffing to develop and manage the program.

Designated Compliance Officer (DCO)

Designated Compliance Officer means outsourcing the compliance program responsibilities to an expert, who would build, manage day-to-day operations, and enhance the compliance program. Duties include maintaining a program that prevents, detects, and corrects violations to the Code of Conduct, the organizations policies and procedures, and federal and state laws and regulations.

Engaging an outsourced DCO is supported by the HHS OIG as a suitable solution for smaller healthcare organizations where hiring a full time Compliance Officer is not financially justifiable. As such, DCOs normally are part-time contractors. Strategic Management provides experienced consultants for this role.

Compliance Support Staff

Strategic Management partners with your Compliance Officer to achieve compliance program objectives and efficiently and cost-effectively fill in the gaps of your internal compliance team. Our professional staff supports the overall objective of your compliance program, including conducting investigations, performing compliance training and developing policies and procedures.

Compliance Advisory Services

Strategic Management offers the services of our expert consultants to provide advice on your compliance program while you maintain internal control over the program. Strategic Management can also assess your program to establish appropriate staffing and structure and can assist in training and developing internal talent.

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