HIPAA Risk Assessments, Audits & Remediation Services

HIPAA risk assessment and audits help health care organizations identify gaps in their HIPAA Security Program as it relates to administrative, physical and technical safeguards. Strategic Management provides HIPAA risk management services to address compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and to promptly respond with corrective measures.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

HHS recommends that health care organizations periodically conduct a risk assessment. Through performing a HIPAA security risk assessment, health care organizations identify gaps in compliance, respond to high risks and implement preventative measures to mitigate future risks.

Security Assessments

Strategic Management audit and HIPAA risk assessment services evaluate an organization’s compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule as it relates to safeguards and requirements:

  • Assigned security responsibility
  • Information access management
  • Security incident procedures
  • Facility access controls
  • Device and media controls
  • Audit controls
  • Person or entity authentication
  • Requirements for Group Health plans
  • Policies, procedures, and documentation requirements