Compliance Surveys

Health care organizations can measure the effectiveness of their Compliance Program with reliable data from the workforce. Strategic Management developed proprietary survey instruments that have been validated, tested and deployed to hundreds of health care organizations.

Compliance Knowledge Survey

The Compliance Knowledge Survey measures effectiveness based on employees’ understanding of the seven elements of a Compliance Program. HHS OIG makes it clear that employees should know certain compliance-related areas of the organization. This 30-question Survey measures the level of that knowledge and provides a means by which to assess strengths and opportunity for improvements in the Compliance Program.

Compliance Culture Survey

The Compliance Culture Survey assesses employees’ perceptions and attitudes towards compliance in your organization. This 40-question Survey assesses employees’ emotional responses to compliance operations in the organization as it relates to job satisfaction, compliance with laws, quality, communication, management and HR. You gain a better sense of how your employees feel about their own roles and the organization. 

Robust Report and Analysis

Our compliance experts deliver summary and detailed findings, comparative analysis and benchmarking against peer organizations in the National Health Care Compliance Index. Richard Kusserow, former HHS Inspector General, provides expert analysis and actionable solutions to improve compliance operations. Additionally, results are compared to other health care organizations who participated in the same Survey to provide insight on industry standards.

Anonymous and Confidential Responses

Compliance Surveys are an effective way to collect valuable feedback from your employees and gain honest feedback. Surveys are emailed directly to employees’ with a unique link to access the Survey. Then, reminder emails are sent to employees who have not completed the Survey to increase the overall response rate and the accuracy of the results. All responses remain anonymous and results are confidential.