Billing & Coding

The accuracy of a health care organization’s billing and coding is critical for receiving appropriate reimbursement on items and services rendered by their health care professionals. Federal health care program payors issue guidance and billing rules that health care organizations must comply with. Strategic Management assists health care organizations in understanding these billing and coding rules, and further assists with implementation of policies and procedures to help sustain long-term compliance.

Health Care Billing Services

Accurate billing is critical to the successful operation of a health care organization. However, many health care organizations do not have the internal resources or expertise to navigate the nuances of the federal health care program billing rules. Our health care billing experts work with clients to understand their billing practices and applicable billing rules and to assess their current policies and processes that govern their internal billing practices. 

Health Care Coding Services

Correct coding is as critical as accurate billing for a health care organization. Strategic Management’s certified coders and health care consultants understand the importance of correct coding, the consequences organizations face for inaccurate coding and how to improve coding on claims for reimbursement.