Privacy Program Design & Implementation

Strategic Management designs and implements HIPAA Privacy Programs that address the unique needs of organizations, while meeting the standards and expectations set forth by OCR and the HIPAA Privacy Rule. We have the expertise to successfully implement an effective HIPAA Privacy Program in all types of health care organizations, ranging from physician practices, SNFs, home health and hospice, managed care organizations, academic medical centers, hospitals and health systems.

HIPAA Program Design

Strategic Management’s knowledge and experience in HIPAA and HITECH centers on the importance of understanding and incorporating the regulatory compliance requirements into the existing organizational strategy and compliance infrastructure. Strategic Management designs HIPAA Privacy Programs by tailoring program elements to fit an organization’s unique structure, operation and culture.

HIPAA Privacy Program Implementation

Our certified health care privacy professionals are hands-on at every step to successfully implement a HIPAA Privacy Program that meets the needs of your organization. Strategic Management focuses on implementing:

  • Policies and procedures;
  • Systems to detect and respond to privacy breaches involving PHI; and
  • Privacy training for new and existing workforce members and business associates.