Healthcare Due Diligence Reviews

Evaluating potential or actual compliance risks is necessary for any health care organization during a merger and acquisition. Strategic Management’s due diligence reviews assist health care organizations and purchasers to identify compliance risks that must be properly accounted for in any merger and acquisition transaction.

Due Diligence in Health Care

Mergers and acquisitions can be complicated for health care organizations because they operate in a highly regulated industry. Therefore, there is significant risk that a purchaser could inherit serious regulatory liabilities. Similarly, health care organizations that are seeking to be acquired or merged may not fully know their own risks that could impact the transaction. 

Regulatory Due Diligence Services

Strategic Management’s health care compliance consultants are experts at conducting health care regulatory due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. Our services are provided to health care organizations that are preparing to be acquired and to organizations seeking to acquire a health care organization and can be conducted pre- or post-transaction. Our compliance consultants examine compliance program operations, regulatory compliance areas and high risks. We further assist by remediating risks identified through our due diligence services.