Healthcare Compliance Investigations

Strategic Management is a leading expert in conducting health care investigations. We perform objective, professional and in-depth investigation into health care compliance matters. Strategic Management also conducts internal investigations training seminars for health care organizations that need training to conduct internal investigations.

Investigation Consulting

Strategic Management’s team of health care consultants and investigators assist health care organizations to conduct investigations related to high-risk compliance areas. We developed our services under the direction of Richard Kusserow, Strategic Management CEO and former Inspector General of HHS. Our team of experts have received and delivered training at premier investigation venues, including the FBI Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Internal Investigation Program

Strategic Management assists health care organizations to develop and manage an internal investigations program. Our team of health care consultants and investigators:

  • Conduct a gap analysis of staff, resources and policies;
  • Develop infrastructure, policies and procedures; and
  • Train on how to conduct an internal investigation.

Internal Investigation Training

Strategic Management trains Compliance Departments on how to conduct internal investigations. Our trainers have conducted training at the FBI Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Our investigation training focuses on practical approaches on how to:

  • Identify when to conduct an internal investigation;
  • Gather documentary and physical evidence;
  • Establish a chain of custody and confidential retention process;
  • Prepare and interview witnesses;
  • Develop format for documenting findings;
  • Implement disciplinary actions.

Special Investigative Unit

Strategic Management performs Special Investigation Unit services for Managed Care Organizations in accordance with CMS’ requirements. Our services help MCOs detect, prevent and correct healthcare fraud. Our health care consultants are available to provide a fully staffed SIU team or to provide as need support.