Investigations & Remediations

Strategic Management is a leading expert in conducting privacy and security related investigations for health care organizations. Our expert investigators perform objective, professional and in-depth investigations and further assist with developing and implementing actions to remediate non-compliant areas.

Health Care Investigations

Strategic Management’s team of certified privacy and security professionals assist health care organizations to conduct investigations related to HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA and other privacy and security laws and regulations. Our team of experts have practical experience having worked as Privacy and Security Officers in health care organizations, along with receiving privacy and security certifications from leading industry associations.

Internal Investigation Program

Strategic Management can also assist health care organizations to develop and manage their own internal investigations program. Our team of health care consultants and investigators:

  • Conduct a privacy or security gap analysis of staff, resources and policies;
  • Develop an infrastructure, policies and procedures unique to the organization; and
  • Train privacy, security and compliance personnel on how to conduct an internal investigation.