HIPAA Compliance Advisory Services: Interim & Outsourced Staffing

Healthcare organizations are often faced with the challenge of complying with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. Strategic Management provides critical support to healthcare organizations by offering HIPAA compliance consulting, serving as an outsourced HIPAA Privacy Officer or short-term Interim Privacy Officer and providing privacy and security support services. Our team of HIPAA consultants, healthcare compliance consultants and healthcare privacy professionals have worked with Compliance, Privacy and Security Officer across all types of healthcare organizations to delivery expert HIPAA consulting.

Interim Privacy Officer

Strategic Management provides highly trained health care privacy professionals who are HIPAA experts to fill the role as an Interim Privacy Officer at health care organizations. As the Interim Privacy Officer, we maintain and oversee the policies, procedures and systems in place to protect the integrity, security and confidentiality of PHI. While maintaining the organization’s Privacy Program, the Interim Privacy Officer may also assess and address the organization’s deficiencies and gaps as they relate to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Designated Privacy Officer

Many health care organizations turn to Strategic Management’s HIPAA consultants to fill the role of Privacy Officer in their organization. As a Designated Privacy Officer, our certified health care privacy professionals and HIPAA experts, develop and implement policies, procedures and systems to maintain and protect PHI. Additionally, in the role of Designated Privacy Officer, we receive and address privacy concerns and breaches, work with business associates and conduct privacy training.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services

Strategic Management certified health care privacy professionals work with health care providers, business associates and law firms as it relates to HIPAA, GDPR and other privacy laws. Areas of service we provide includes:

  • Policy development
  • Training development and delivery
  • Auditing and monitoring of the Privacy Program
  • Risk assessment
  • Privacy Program updates to comply with laws, rules and regulations
  • Breach reporting
  • HIPAA consulting services

HIPAA Compliance Experts

Strategic Management has a team of seasoned experts and advisors includes attorneys, CPAs, former senior government officials, and privacy and security leaders with decades of experience and unique skills to provide outsourced and interim compliance officer services. Services often can be provided remotely on an interim or ongoing basis that includes:

  • Developing new programs or advancing on existing ones
  • Managing the day-to-day operations of the program
  • Assisting in interviewing and training newly hired compliance officers.

Why Choose Our HIPAA Compliance Services?

The average fine for healthcare entities that experience a non-compliance breach is between $100 and $50,000 per patient record. That doesn’t include insurance costs, legal fees, and long-term reputational damage that organizations face. By choosing your compliance services, you can avoid these financial and reputational consequences.

How Much Experience Does Strategic Management Have in HIPAA Compliance Services and Consulting?

Through combined decades of experience, our HIPAA compliance services experts can help you evaluate third-party business associates, avoid penalties, and become consistently compliant

How Much Time Does It Take to Become HIPAA Compliant?

Once you enlist the help of expert HIPAA compliance services, it will take approximately 6 months to take the proper measures to ensure you’re fully compliant. The timeline for compliance will vary based on your organization’s size, current compliance program, compliance culture, dedicated compliance workforce, and more. 

What Is Short and Long-Term HIPAA Compliance Consulting?

If you are trying to fix immediate compliance gaps or a temporary personnel issue, we can provide short-term compliance consulting and services to meet your current needs. 
If you are looking to develop a long-term HIPAA compliance strategy, our experts can help you create a roadmap that will lead to consistent remediation and compliance for many years to come. 

Does Strategic Management Guarantee HIPAA Compliance?

We can help you guarantee year-round compliance by implementing compliance measures and resources that are simple and effective. 

More questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page about Interim & Designated Compliance Officers.