Steve Forman

Managing Senior Consultant
Boca Raton, FL

Professional Experience

Steve Forman is a certified public accountant with decades of experience in health care compliance. As an experienced health care consultant, Mr. Forman specializes in developing and implementing compliance programs, assessing an organization’s vulnerabilities and risks, operational compliance reviews, implementing effective monitoring systems, testing internal compliance controls, developing and delivering compliance education and training programs, and working with senior management and Boards in developing strategic plans.

Mr. Forman has served as a designated compliance officer for hospitals and a third-party provider. He also serves as compliance expert to the Board for organizations under CIAs and leading IRO engagements.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Strategic Management, Mr. Forman served over 10 years as Vice President, Internal Audit and Compliance at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where he was responsible for internal audit, corporate compliance and HIPAA privacy. Mr. Forman also previously served as Director of Division of Resource Management and Operations for HHS OIG, Executive Director at the National Association of Government Accountants and Deputy Controller at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.