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Compliance Job Satisfaction: 2022 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Survey Results

Richard P. Kusserow | July 2022

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Key Points:

  • 80% of respondents are generally satisfied with their job
  • However, most would or are considering other opportunities
  • One result is increased gaps in compliance staff and the use of temporary staffing

Eight out of ten respondents of the 2022 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Survey reported being satisfied with their current compliance job, even facing many challenges.  Notwithstanding this, six out of ten would consider opportunities elsewhere or are actively seeking another position or opportunity. This may help explain why a growing number of organizations are seeking Compliance Officers and staff to fill gaps after the departure of their incumbents. 

About one-third of respondents reported satisfaction with their current work situation and were not considering opportunities elsewhere. About seven percent responded that regardless of the current work situation, they plan to stay put until retirement. On the other hand, nearly half reported general satisfaction but would consider opportunities elsewhere and another twelve percent reporting actively seeking another opportunity.   

These results help explain why so many organizations are trying to fill Compliance Office vacancies. The average time to hire replacements is 5-7 months, leaving many organizations seeking temporary compliance staffing assistance while seeking permanent replacements. When considering this option, it is important to understand what engaging temporary staff would entail and how to decide upon those to do it. This is a serious decision and should be made with careful forethought and planning.

Click here for information on the 2022 survey.

A webinar was held summarizing the survey responses. Click here for the questions and answers resulting from the webinar.

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