Richard Kusserow

Richard P. Kusserow

Chief Executive Officer
Alexandria, VA

Professional Experience

Richard P. Kusserow established Strategic Management Services, LLC to assist health care organizations develop, implement and assess compliance programs. Mr. Kusserow has worked with health care organizations to conduct compliance program effectiveness evaluations, deliver advisory services, develop policies and procedures and deliver compliance and internal investigations training.

He provides specialized expertise on fraud and abuse, sanctions, exclusion, and debarment processes, as well as regulatory issues arising from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). He possesses special and unique expertise involving fraud and abuse laws and regulations, such as the Anti-Kickback Statute and qui tam actions.

Prior to establishing Strategic Management, Mr. Kusserow served 11 years as the Inspector General of HHS, where he was responsible for oversight of agencies with outlays of over $650 billion per year. He provided management direction and program leadership for budget staff, auditors, program analysts and criminal investigators. Mr. Kusserow established policy and published fraud and abuse regulations, provided policy direction for the conduct of audits, investigations and program inspections and evaluations relating to all programs and operations of the HHS. Mr. Kusserow established HHS policies for all aspects of security administration and guidelines for protection of classified documents and material pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Executive Order 12065, National Security Information, and safeguarding of non-classified sensitive information.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to becoming Inspector General, Mr. Kusserow served 11 years in the FBI as a Special Agent and Supervisor. He was a recognized expert in program fraud and corruption investigations and lectured at the FBI National Academy.