Service Type: Compliance & Ethics

Compliance Surveys

Health care organizations can measure the effectiveness of their Compliance Program with reliable data from the workforce. Strategic Management developed proprietary survey instruments that have been validated, tested and deployed to hundreds of health care organizations.

Compliance Advisory Services

Strategic Management is a nationally recognized healthcare compliance consulting firm that employs a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, analysts and auditors in the field of healthcare. Our team of professionals can help organizations make the right decisions to build, implement and enhance their healthcare compliance programs.

Healthcare Compliance Investigations

Strategic Management is a leading expert in conducting healthcare investigations. We perform objective, professional and in-depth investigation into healthcare compliance matters. Strategic Management also conducts internal investigations training seminars for healthcare organizations that need training to conduct internal investigations.

Arrangements Reviews

In the complex regulatory and enforcement environment, healthcare organizations seek Strategic Management’s services to ensure their arrangements with physicians are compliant with the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark Law, and other legal authorities. We work with healthcare organizations and law firms to review and analyze their existing arrangements with physicians and their systems to identify potential risks.

Compliance Auditing & Monitoring

Audits and on-going monitoring play a vital role in helping healthcare organizations identify and manage compliance risk areas. Together, Compliance and Internal Audit, employ a defined approach and systematic controls to protect the organization against the impact of non-compliance. Strategic Management works with healthcare organizations to employ effective auditing and monitoring processes to identify and manage compliance risks.

Risk Assessment & Management

Regulatory compliance risk assessment and management is critical to the success of a healthcare compliance program. Risk assessment and management is a continuous process to sustain long-term compliance with healthcare laws, rules and regulations. Strategic Management developed a regulatory compliance risk management process that is carried out in four phases: Assessment, Remediation, Monitoring and Auditing and Risk Reporting.

Interim & Outsourced Compliance Staffing

Compliance departments are often faced with the challenge of addressing the operational needs of their compliance program with limited, or even inadequate, resources and staff. This makes it difficult to sufficiently address compliance risks and maintain effective program operations. Strategic Management provides critical support to Compliance Officers by offering compliance advisory services, serving as an outsourced Designated Compliance Officer or short-term Interim Compliance Officer, and providing compliance support services.

Corporate Integrity Agreement Support

If your organization is in the process of negotiating, implementing, or managing a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA), Strategic Management can provide expertise to help you comply with CIA obligations. We have extensive experience with CIA compliance with federal healthcare regulations and can help organizations across the healthcare industry meet important CIA deadlines and requirements.

Independent Review Organization Services

Healthcare organizations are often required to select an Independent Review Organization (IRO) as part of their compliance obligations under a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). Strategic Management provides healthcare IRO services, including conducting reviews of claims, arrangements, transaction, unallowable costs, marketing practice and compliance. Strategic Management also conducts mock IRO reviews to help prepare healthcare organizations in meeting their CIA obligations.

Healthcare Due Diligence Reviews

Evaluating potential or actual compliance risks is necessary for any healthcare organization during a merger and acquisition. Strategic Management’s due diligence reviews assist healthcare organizations and purchasers to identify compliance risks that must be properly accounted for in any merger and acquition transaction.

Compliance Program Effectiveness Evaluation

Strategic Management’s Compliance Program Effectiveness Review includes an in-depth analysis of your compliance program to establish its current status and needs. Our proprietary comprehensive compliance evaluation protocol contains elements from the U.S. Sentencing Commission Sentencing Guidelines and the HHS OIG compliance program guidance documents. We offer a collaborative compliance program effectiveness review process to identify and verify the existence and effectiveness of key elements of a compliance program.

Compliance Program Design & Implementation

Strategic Management designs and implements healthcare compliance programs that address the unique needs of organizations, while meeting the standards and expectations set forth by HHS OIG, CMS and the U.S. Sentencing Commission. We have the expertise to successfully implement an effective compliance program in all types of healthcare organizations, ranging from physician practices, SNFs, home health and hospice, managed care organizations, academic medical centers, hospitals and health systems.