How to Select a Hotline Vendor

There are a variety of services offered by compliance hotline vendors, with many whistles and bells to differentiate them. Each vendor may have something which they consider to be a unique feature. However, there are a number of standard features that vendors should have and, likewise, that you should consider when selecting a vendor. The following are among the most common features which should exist among any vendor being considered.

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  1. Experience. Make sure the vendor has an adequate track record of performance.  Should avoid start up ventures with no history.  Request at least 5 years experience in providing hotline services.
  1. Recordings. Never use a service that includes recording of caller’s voice, it can be a costly mistake.
  1. Accessible. Vendors should provide reporting mechanisms 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.
  1. Reporting Channels. Provide alternative reporting to client, including email, facsimile, web-based reporting that is offered without additional charge.
  1. Call Reports. All call reports should be sent in writing within a day of receipt and all high-priority calls reported immediately by telephone.
  1. Tracking Trends. Web-based tracking and trending information on calls at anytime by the client that includes the ability of the client to benchmark their call patterns against a universe to identify emerging trends.
  1. Policy Documents. Hotline related policy and procedure templates, such non-retaliation, hotline monitoring, provided without charge.