How Outsourcing the Sanctions Screening Process Can Increase Efficiency

Challenges of Conducting Effective Sanction Screening

While they may be rare, instances of fraud, waste, abuse and other illegal or improper conduct can, and do, happen within healthcare organizations. It can be difficult for many organizations to remain aware of and track all compliance violations among what could be thousands of employees, physicians, and other business entities. As a solution, regular screening of individuals and entities against federal and state exclusion databases can help prevent compliance issues before they happen. However, choosing to screen these names in-house may not always be the most efficient option.

The sanctions screening process can be time-consuming and difficult to manage when conducted in-house. In order to efficiently screen the names of all new hires and current workforce members, an organization must have access to comprehensive sanctions screening software and have effective workflow procedures in place for all stages of the process. They must also have a way to track the thousands of workforce members who are in question while supplying the manpower to manage the input, output, and manipulation of data. Organizations who complete sanction screening in-house must meet each of these requirements while maintaining all regular workplace operations, which is no easy feat while the organization’s compliance is on the line.

Safeguard your Sanction Screening Process

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Sanction screening is a detailed and crucial component of a successful compliance program that must be performed accurately every time. Organizations who conduct sanction screening in-house are less likely to complete sanction screening at the necessary standard due to other organizational priorities and the sheer amount of data processing that must occur on a regular basis. Because the in-house sanctions screening process requires continual workforce dedication and is often time-consuming, organizations can outsource the entire process to an experienced firm instead.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Sanctions Screening Process

Given the importance and scope of regular sanction screening, the easier and more efficient option is to outsource the process to a firm that specializes in healthcare sanction and exclusion screening and investigation services. These firms have a team of experts who are highly trained in conducting efficient screenings against multiple government sources and employing a thorough investigation and verification process. They can provide accurate screening with the added benefit of fully investigated results each month at no hassle for the healthcare organization receiving the service. This allows Compliance Officers to focus on their internal work without having to worry about whether or not they’re meeting federal and state screening requirements.

Organizations who outsource their sanction screening and verification process should select a firm that utilizes screening software capable of both single and batch name searches against any given federal or state exclusion database. This ensures robust screening capabilities no matter the size of the submission or the number of requested databases. The professionals who perform the sanction screening and verification should also remain regularly updated on changes in federal and state screening requirements to provide the most accurate and effective service. The experienced firms will also often include a report detailing the verification results and other key information on the methodology of their verification process. All of these elements supply the healthcare organization with critical information about potential instances of sanctions or exclusions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Outsourcing the sanctions screening process is overall a more efficient, more reliable, and more carefree way to screen new hires, workforce members, and physicians. Organizations can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be meeting federal and state regulations without having to disrupt their regular operations or compromise time on other priorities.

Sanctions Screening Software: A Middle-Ground Solution

Sanctions screening software offers a middle ground between in-sourcing and outsourcing the screening process. With this option, organizations can have access to highly developed software that simplifies the input and output of all amounts of data. It also enables on-demand screening capabilities, which offers a more flexible approach to screening. Screening software can improve the accuracy of the process and provides organized results in downloadable format.

Utilizing screening software shortens the screening process without compromising the quality of the results or requiring extensive involvement from multiple groups within an organization. While sanctions screening software may not have all of the added benefits of outsourcing, this solution supplies a firm foundation for sanction screening that ensures the healthcare organization remains compliant with federal and state regulations.

In Review

Due to the challenges that often accompany in-house screening of potentially excluded individuals and entities, healthcare organizations should re-evaluate how they’re conducting sanction screening and verification. Organizations should either outsource the sanctions screening and verification process to an experienced firm that has the resources and manpower to provide top-notch service, or utilize sanctions screening software that is specifically developed to provide high-quality screening capabilities. By choosing one of these options instead of screening in-house, organizations can be sure that they are accurately reviewing all individuals and entities as in-depth as possible. This leads to a safer work environment and a more effective compliance program, benefitting the healthcare organization both immediately and long-term.