Clinical Research and the Sunshine Law: Will the Government Publish Your Name?

Catie Heindel | August 2013

Currently, two regulatory events are traveling along side of each other, but not yet intersecting. That will change next year. The two regulations are the Public Health Service’s (PHS) Financial Conflict of Interest regulations and the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act’s (PPACA) Physician Payments Sunshine Law provisions. This article will explain each of these regulations and demonstrate how they will coincide to impact a large number of hospitals and physicians.

About the Author

Catie Heindel is an attorney who is certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC), Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC) and Healthcare Privacy and Security (CHPS). She has over 11 years of experience in the health care compliance industry and performs regulatory risk assessment and management services for clients, both general in scope, as well as more tailored towards specific risk areas.