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2018 Staffing Levels For Healthcare Compliance Offices

The Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Survey for 2018 (Survey) was conducted by SAI Global and Strategic Management Services. It was the ninth annual survey gathering insights from compliance professionals in the healthcare provider industry. The Survey’s objective was to gain a better understanding of the status and progress of compliance program development in the industry. This year, there were 388 respondents representing a cross-section of organizations from nearly every state. The respondents ranged from very small entities to large healthcare systems.

One aspect of the Survey focused on the adequacy of resources available for the compliance officer to carry out their compliance responsibilities. This focus was driven by the OIG’s compliance guidance stating that the compliance officer “should have sufficient funding and staff to perform his or her responsibilities fully”. Note that the compliance officer role and responsibilities have been evolving beyond what the OIG originally contemplated. Most compliance officers have taken on additional responsibilities, particularly related to HIPAA Privacy and Internal Audit. Results from the Survey questions, however, suggest that many compliance offices have budget levels that are failing to keep pace with this evolutionary growth in responsibilities. The combination of increasing responsibilities during a time of heightened enforcement by government agencies, and the dim prospects for significant budgetary increases will likely lead to outstretched resources and capabilities for most compliance offices.

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2018 Compliance Benchmarking Survey Findings

  • Forty percent of respondents stated that their compliance office includes between two and five persons.
  • Thirty-three percent of respondents reported having only one person in the compliance office, with one-third of them stating the position was only part-time.
  • Twenty-five percent of respondents reported having over six people in the compliance office.
  • Only twenty-five percent of respondents expect increases in their budget for 2018.
  • Fifty percent of respondents expect their budget to remain essentially the same.
  • Ten percent of respondents are facing budgetary reductions.

A full report and analysis of the 2018 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Survey will be available at the 22nd Annual Compliance Institute in Las Vegas, April 15-18 booths for SAI Global (#1403) and Strategic Management Services (#412).  Richard Kusserow will be at booth #412 to answer any questions concerning the Survey results and implications.

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