Strategic Management develops health care privacy and security services that are designed to evaluate, audit and improve health care privacy and security programs.

Risk Assessments, Audits & Remediation Services

HIPAA risk assessment and audits help healthcare organizations identify gaps in their HIPAA Security Program as it relates to administrative, physical and technical safeguards. Strategic Management provides HIPAA risk management services to address compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and to promptly respond with corrective measures.

HIPAA Compliance Advisory Services: Interim & Outsourced Staffing

Health care organizations are often faced with the challenge of complying with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. Strategic Management provides critical support to health care organizations by offering HIPAA compliance consulting, serving as an outsourced HIPAA Privacy Officer or short-term Interim Privacy Officer and providing privacy and security support services. Our team of HIPAA consultants, healthcare compliance consultants and healthcare privacy professionals have worked with Compliance, Privacy and Security Officer across all types of healthcare organizations to delivery expert HIPAA consulting.

Investigations & Remediations

Strategic Management is a leading expert in conducting privacy and security related investigations for health care organizations. Our expert investigators perform objective, professional and in-depth investigations and further assist with developing and implementing actions to remediate non-compliant areas.

Privacy Advisory Services

Compliance and Privacy Departments are tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of monitoring and ensuring compliance with several federal and state requirements, including HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR and FERPA to name a few. To assist health care organizations with meeting the regulatory requirements, Strategic Management provides on-going comprehensive HIPAA Advisory Services. Our highly knowledgeable and certified health care compliance and health care privacy consultants work directly with health care organizations to understand and manage their unique HIPAA responsibilities.

Privacy Program Design & Implementation

Strategic Management designs and implements HIPAA Privacy Programs that address the unique needs of organizations, while meeting the standards and expectations set forth by OCR and the HIPAA Privacy Rule. We have the expertise to successfully implement an effective HIPAA Privacy Program in all types of healthcare organizations, ranging from physician practices, SNFs, home health and hospice, managed care organizations, academic medical centers, hospitals and health systems.

Privacy & Security Program Evaluation

Strategic Management’s experience and understanding of health care privacy and security, including HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR and FERPA, concentrates on incorporating the regulatory compliance requirements into an existing organizational strategy and compliance infrastructure. Strategic Management’s team of consultants are certified health care privacy and security professionals that work directly with health care organizations to evaluate their privacy and security programs.