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Selecting an Independent Review Organization (IRO) to fulfill the requirements of a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) is a difficult task. To help you, the Strategic Management team has compiled a list of resources that may assist you in being informed before, during, and after the IRO engagement.

Browse the list below to find IRO related publications written by the experts on the Strategic Management team.

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IRO Resources

  • Independent Review Organizations: Where to Start in the Selection Process?
    by Rita IsnarHealth care providers or entities are often mandated to enter into a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). A CIA is essentially a contract affirming that the OIG’s agrees to not seek an exclusion of that health care provider or entity from participation in federal health care programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, if the provider or entity assumes certain compliance obligations that must be verified by and Independent Review Organization.Learn more in Rita’s article on methodical guidelines that can help your entity simplify the process of selecting an Independent Review Organization that best suits your needs.
  • Independent Review Organizations Must Meet GAO Yellow Book Standards
    by Thomas Herrmann
    Engagement of a properly qualified IRO is one of the most critical parts of the CIA process. IROs must meet Generally Accepted Government Audit Standards (GAGAS), ensuring that the reviews conducted are independent, objective, and comprehensive.Discover more in Tom Herrmann’s article where he highlights the necessity of engaging an organization to serve as IRO that can meet the GAGAS standards.
  • Systems Reviews versus Transaction Reviews in CIAs: Takeaways for Compliance Officers
    by Cornelia Dorfschmid PH.D.
    Federal health care program participants are now confronted with the same scrutiny and challenges facing organizations operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). As the requirements for mandatory compliance programs are developed by Federal and State agencies, the demands placed on a Compliance Officer will increase.Discover more in Cornelia Dorfschmid’s article where she discusses the differences between systems reviews and transaction reviews, the duties of an IRO, and what this may mean for your organization.
  • Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Integrity Agreements and Independent Review Organizations
    by Thomas Herrmann
    This article describes the basic elements of settlement agreements and the requirements of CIAs, including the role of Independent Review Organizations (IROs) that ensure compliance with terms of the Agreement. Read Tom Herrmann’s contribution to the Health Care Compliance Professional’s Manual, which covers topics on understanding a CIA, selecting a IRO, and more.
  • Corporate Integrity Agreements: IRO Review of Unallowable Costs
    by Steve Forman
    IROs often review Cost Reports to determine whether Unallowable Costs were included. This may become an issue during settlement discussions, where the ramifications can be far reaching.

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