HIPAA Compliance Training Services

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules require organizations to train all workforce members on its privacy and security policies and procedures, as necessary and appropriate for each person to carry out their job functions. Finding qualified personnel in-house to provide this training is a challenge for most organizations. To help your organization maintain compliance, Strategic Management provides HIPAA Compliance Training Services with options to best meet your unique preferences. This includes:

  • On-site, convenient HIPAA training at your facilities;
  • Flexible scheduling that allows you to choose days, nights, weekdays, or weekends;
  • Delivery of complete course reference and training materials; and
  • Lower costs than traveling to an off-site location or HIPAA seminar.

Continue reading to learn about how your organization might benefit from Strategic Management’s HIPAA Compliance Training Services.

General HIPAA Training Program Requirements

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules require organizations to train all workforce members on its privacy and security policies and procedures. The HIPAA requirements state:

  • Each new employee must be trained within a reasonable time period after they join the organization.
  • Employees must be re-trained whenever there is a change to policies or procedures that affect their job.
  • Periodic refresher training is also required.

With the training services offered by Strategic Management, your organization can stay compliant with these training requirements. Additionally, Strategic Management will also work to meet state training requirements, tailoring our HIPAA training program to meet state specific minimum hour requirements and to help your organization earn the required licensing or certification.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Training: Who Must Be Trained and What Should be Covered?

To secure protected health information and ensure customer and/or patient privacy, HIPAA training requirements state that all employees, including management, should receive HIPAA privacy and security training. Furthermore, new HIPAA HITECH requirements state that all members of the workforce including management, volunteers, employees, trainees, and all those who work for a covered entity must be trained. Note that there are not any specific requirements for how many hours must be dedicated to HIPAA training.

This training should include at a minimum:

  • Security reminders and/or periodic security updates;
  • Procedures for guarding against, detecting and reporting, malicious software;
  • Log in monitoring and reporting; and
  • Password management.

Documentation of training is required. This can be done with:

  • Training program sign-in sheets;
  • Signed confidentiality statements acknowledging receipt of training; and
  • Computer-based training completion or quiz results.

Strategic Management delivers both the necessary training as well as required documentation to ensure compliance.

HIPAA and HITECH Training Programs and Plans

Depending on the needs of the organization, Strategic Management will organize training based on roles and positions. Below is a sample of how training topics can be organized. Additional levels can be created to meet organizational needs.

Level 1 HIPAA HITECH Training

This includes information needed by all employees. It is usually delivered as part of new employee orientation.

Topics can include:

  • A general HIPAA overview, including requirements, recommendations and organizational policies
  • Proper compliance reporting procedures
  • Patient rights including informed consent and confidentiality
  • Organizational privacy and security policies

Level 2 HIPAA HITECH Training

This training includes job specific training. This means the HIPAA training program must be adapted to reflect the job responsibilities of each employee.

Topics can include:

  • Record handling
  • Department security procedures
  • Federal and state laws
  • Appropriate access by staff
  • Business associate agreements

Level 3 HIPAA HITECH Training

This type of training is management specific.

Topics can include:

  • Auditing
  • Training program evaluations and modifications
  • Ongoing awareness training or change updates
  • Remediation procedures
  • Knowledge of breach notification requirements
  • Sanctions

The Benefits of Receiving HIPAA Training from Strategic Management

Developing, scheduling, and implementing a HIPAA training program in-house is an expensive, time-consuming process. Outsourcing HIPAA compliance training to Strategic Management allows your organization to immediately become compliant with HIPAA requirements without spending significant time and resources.

Other benefits include:

  • Training that occurs on-site, eliminating the need to travel to seminars or other locations to meet HIPAA requirements.
  • HIPAA compliance courses at any time of the day or night, including both weekday and weekend trainings, to give your organization complete flexibility in how it schedules its training.
  • A significantly decreased cost than traditional HIPAA training (such as traveling to off- site seminars)
  • The delivery of complete reference and training materials to give your employees a reference and make post-training compliance simple

Contact Strategic Management for Your HIPAA Compliance Training Services

The comprehensive training delivered by Strategic Management will help your organization stay compliant with state and national HIPAA requirements. Begin the process of delivering the benefits of HIPAA compliance training to your organization by contacting Strategic Management for a consultation today. Click here to us contact us online, or call (703) 683-9600.

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