Conducting Internal Investigations

Established in 1992 and headquartered outside Washington, DC, Strategic Management provides highly seasoned “top-notch” professionals and experts with decades of experience to respond to suspected fraud, irregularities and workplace incidents.  The Federal government continues to increase its regulatory and enforcement initiatives aimed at the health care industry.

Recent legislation such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has reinforced the need for organizations to address any potential violations of law or regulation.  On April 17, 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) provided an “Updated OIG’s Provider Self-Disclosure Protocol” (SDP) that calls for prompt reporting in order to mitigate penalties.  However, before a SDP will be acceptable, the organization must conduct a thorough  investigation that includes a written report of all potential violations and describes in detail the relevant conduct. The SDP provides little tolerance when submitting incomplete or untimely disclosure.

A poorly performed investigation can seriously aggravate the situation with the OIG.  The depth of Strategic Management’s capabilities for conducting internal investigations enables our professionals to approach each matter with a focus on the specific tasks that yield informative results in a timely manner.  Strategic Management investigators have collectively hundreds of years of experience in conducting investigations of all type.

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Regulatory Experts Investigators You Can Trust

Strategic Management’s Chief Executive Officer has over 40 years investigative experience in the CIA and FBI as well as the DHHS Inspector General. Our senior investigator consultants have extensive federal law enforcement experience and corporate investigative experience.  Our consultants not only underwent training at the FBI Academy or Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, but many have also taught at those institutions.  They personally are directly involved in each engagement, from an investigation’s inception to its resolution.  Our consultants have conducted scores of care investigations, both internal and external, over the years.  They are extremely knowledgeable of applicable laws and regulations and have on hand a number of medical, coding, forensic auditors, and statistical experts to assist in conducting investigations.  All the Strategic Management investigators are highly trained professionals with many years experience.

Who We Help

The Strategic Management team is prepared to conduct a wide variety of internal inquiries and investigations and can assist in mitigating costly compliance problems and implement sound practices to prevent similar problems from reoccurring.  Our consultants stay current with industry regulatory and legal requirements and can incorporate changes into your corporate governance and compliance policies and practices.

Our experience, expertise, and professional reputation in regulatory and legal compliance, as well as our intimate understanding of government agency approach to resolving suspected violations, is extremely valuable in resolving problems.  We have been called upon by providers, payers, suppliers and others to assist in resolving issues.  Many law firms have engaged these experts to assist in litigation support, using their expertise, credentials, and standards on behalf of their clients.  We frequently are placed under direction of legal counsel to ascertain the facts and evidence of a problem in order to decide on appropriate courses of action.

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