Suzanne Castaldo

Senior Consultant
, ext.

Professional Experience

Suzanne Dallas Castaldo, JD, is a certified Healthcare Compliance Professional (CHC, CHPC), qualified in the development, implementation, and evaluation of compliance programs for the health care industry.  She has fifteen years combined experience as an attorney and health care compliance consultant. Her duties as a consultant include providing health care compliance advisory and training services, and assisting clients in developing, implementing, evaluating, and evidencing effective compliance programs. She has served as an Interim Compliance Officer and also routinely provides advisory services to Compliance Officers.

Ms. Castaldo has assisted a variety of health care providers including hospitals, physician practice groups, skilled nursing facilities, clinical laboratories, managed care organizations, and pharmacies.  Her expertise includes development, implementation, management, and maintenance of effective compliance programs, as well as conducting compliance program risk assessments and effectiveness reviews.  She advises providers on addressing compliance risks; investigates potential violations of laws, regulations, and Code of Conduct; and develops and assesses compliance-related policies. She assists in the development and implementation of remediation plans to address compliance program deficiencies and promote industry best practices.  She is experienced in performing regulatory due diligence in connection with potential acquisitions; developing and implementing compliance programs; and assisting organizations with interpreting regulatory requirements. She provides compliance presentations to various health care organizations and their personnel at all levels.

In addition, she works in the capacity of an Independent Review Organization (IRO) for a variety of health care providers operating under Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG), including managed care organizations, hospitals, and physician practice groups.

Ms. Castaldo has written and published articles in industry journals and newsletters including the Journal of Health Care Compliance and Compliance Today, and is a contributing editor for the BNA/ACCA Compliance Manual.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Strategic Management, Ms. Castaldo had seven years of experience in a litigation practice in Washington, D.C.  She focused on litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution, as well as fraud cases. She appeared in state and federal courts, and participated in domestic and international arbitrations, and government agency investigations. In addition, she has represented national law firms in defense of legal malpractice and professional negligence claims, and counseled clients on legal risk management strategies.