Robbi-Lynn Watnik

, ext.
Alexandria, VA

Professional Experience

Robbi-Lynn Watnik is an attorney who is certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance. She has over 35 years of experience in health care policy, with a special focus on health care compliance and privacy over the last 20 years. Ms. Watnik conducts research and analysis of federal regulations around privacy, security, federal health care programs and other government programs. In addition, Ms. Watnik works with clients to develop and evaluate their health care privacy and compliance programs.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Strategic Management, Ms. Watnik served as the Compliance Officer for a long-term care enterprise and for a network of specialty physician offices. In her role as Compliance Officer, Ms. Watnik developed and implemented the first compliance program for these two health care organizations, including a specific focus on compliance and HIPAA-related policies, Code of Ethics and training material.

Additionally, Ms. Watnik has decades of experience serving in leadership roles in federal health care agencies, including the Defense Health Privacy Board, Veterans Health Administration, Defense Health Agency. Through these roles, she has collaborated with organizational leaders to increase understanding and acceptance of compliance principles at the corporate/central office and field levels and has drafted, analyzed, and implemented legislative and regulatory initiatives at the federal and state levels.