A. Barry Grosse

Senior Compliance Specialist
Jacksonville, FL

Professional Experience

Barry Grosse is a compliance professional Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC), Certified in Healthcare Privacy (CHPC) and Certified in Healthcare Research Compliance (CHRC). Mr. Grosse has over 20 years of experience working with managed care companies, academic medical centers, hospitals and other health care provider types. Mr. Grosse is engaged by Strategic Management clients to serve as an interim Compliance Officer until a permanent candidate is hired. Additionally, Mr. Grosse provides consultancy services to Strategic Management clients in the areas of corporate compliance and compliance program operations. 

As a Senior Compliance Specialist, Mr. Grosse applies his experience in the Interim Compliance Officer capacity for organizations that need temporary coverage managing and assessing their Compliance Programs. He brings a wealth of knowledge from past experiences including the following organizational roles:

  • Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer for Audit, Compliance and Risk Management at a large academic medical center
  • Chief Compliance Officer at another large academic medical center
  • Chief Compliance Officer at a national wound specialist provider
  • Chief Compliance Officer at a large post-acute care organization
  • Chief Compliance Officer and Associate General Counsel at a large hospital system
  • Director of Electronic Commerce Operations for a major managed care organization

Previous Work Experience

Throughout his career, Mr. Grosse has built, evaluated and enhanced compliance programs. Through this work, Mr. Grosse has gained in depth knowledge of processing health care claims; ongoing compliance monitoring and auditing; conducting compliance risk assessments; implementing compliance risk mitigation strategies; and developing and delivering compliance education and training.

Additionally, Mr. Grosse is a recognized expert on federal and state laws and regulations, including the Anti-Kickback Statute, the Stark Law and the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. He has held executive and c-suite level positions at various health care providers, including a large hospital system, a nationwide wound specialist, an academic medical center, and a post-acute care provider, and has meet with executive leadership and Board of Directors on the changing regulatory and enforcement landscape and compliance program metrics.