Healthcare Compliance Solutions

If you’re seeking a healthcare compliance consulting firm to develop, implement, or evaluate your compliance program, Strategic Management Services has an array of solutions to assist your organization.

Founded in 1992 by former DHHS Inspector General Richard Kusserow, Strategic Management Services has the expertise and experience to provide a wide array of healthcare compliance solutions to private and public sector healthcare organizations.

Compliance Program Guidance & Support

The United States Sentencing Commission and the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) have issued a number of guidelines or standards for effective healthcare compliance programs. The OIG’s Compliance Program Guidance documents provide a critical framework for developing and implementing an effective Compliance Program. Strategic Management’s healthcare compliance consultants have worked with private sector organizations and government healthcare agencies, and have in-depth knowledge of current guidelines and regulations.

The Compliance Program Guidance and supplemental documents also recommend that organizations conduct “ongoing auditing and monitoring” of the health care compliance program to ensure effectiveness. Our healthcare compliance solutions include effectiveness evaluations and reviews based on OIG guidance and industry best practices.

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Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Consulting Solutions

For over twenty years, Strategic Management has served hundreds of clients by providing healthcare compliance program services. We have direct experience in the development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated compliance programs, including research, analysis, and implication of specific regulatory compliance risks. We can assist our clients with:

These healthcare compliance solutions often entail developing corporate compliance plans, providing guidance on how compliance officers can increase their effectiveness within their organizations, and how to best position their agenda to the board of directors. We strategize and advise our clients on how to address major industry trends in a proactive and methodical manner. Strategic Management also provides advisory services on how to handle specific situations that arise in the compliance officer’s day-to-day activities.

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For more information on our healthcare compliance solutions, please contact us at (703) 683-9600 or fill out our online contact form. One of our consultants will speak with you about how to best address gaps in your compliance program.

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