Steve Brannan

Compliance Specialist
Birmingham, AL

Professional Experience

Steve Brannan is an experienced health care compliance specialist who is engaged by law firms and health care organizations to provide guidance on compliance and governmental investigations. He is an expert on the False Claims Act cases and has on numerous occasions conducted in-depth document reviews and investigations to assist in learning the facts about: (1) Medicare/Medicaid health care fraud and abuse allegations; (2) white collar crime allegations; and (3) public corruption allegations. Furthermore, Mr. Brannan has been frequently engaged to provide his expertise in medical coding to assist attorneys and accountants in the defense of physicians and hospitals.

Mr. Brannan has served on multiple occasions as a Corporate Compliance Officer for physician practices, including on behalf of the University of Alabama Health Service Foundation in Birmingham, Alabama for eight years where he was responsible for overseeing and monitoring the corporate compliance program in a large physician group practice. As the Corporate Compliance Officer, Mr. Brannan’s duties included ensuring compliance with the terms of a Settlement Agreement with the US Government. He was called upon to conduct audits of billing records, investigate patient and employee complaints, conduct conflict resolution, as well as ongoing auditing and monitoring of high risk areas, while creating and maintaining the trust and confidence of physicians.

He also served as the Interim Compliance Officer for the Baylor Health Care System’s Health Texas Provider Network (“HTPN”) that consisted of more than 500 physician medical group subsidiaries and 3,000 independent physicians affiliates who deliver care at 15 Baylor-owned, leased, or affiliated hospitals and six “short-stay” hospitals.

Previous Work Experience

Mr. Brannan retired as a Special Agent of the FBI with 26 years of service. As an FBI Special Agent, was responsible for investigating violations of federal laws, primarily white-collar crime, including public corruption and allegations of bank fraud and embezzlement. He was a hostage negotiator for 14 years and also worked on numerous cases involving allegations of Medicare fraud. He has testified in Federal and State courts more than 100 times.