Laurel A. Eakes CHC, CHPC

Compliance Specialist
Murfreesboro, TN

Professional Experience

Laurel A. Eakes is a health care compliance and privacy consultant with 25 years of professional experience, with a specific focus in HIPAA privacy and security. Ms. Eakes is Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance and Certified in Healthcare Compliance. During her tenure at Strategic Management, Ms. Eakes works with clients to address key elements of their compliance program, including hotline operations, policy development and sanction screening, and evaluates the effectiveness of their compliance and privacy programs. She is frequently engaged by clients to step into the Compliance Officer or Privacy Officer role for an interim period through our interim staffing services. Ms. Eakes is skilled at research and analysis of Federal and state privacy and security laws and regulations.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Strategic Management, Ms. Eakes provided compliance and privacy consulting services to a software firm that develops digital technology for government agencies. Additionally, in her career she has served as the Compliance Officer at a 286-bed facility, as well as served as the Compliance and Privacy Officer for a multi-state network of physician clinics.